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Climate Challenges


Connecting science to action to help our wildlife and ecosystems adapt in the face of a changing climate.

Learn more about each project and the organizations leading the charge to find solutions.

Pacific Rim Conservation

Hawaii, 2018

Creating climate resilient coastal dune ecosystems in the US Tropical Pacific

The Nature Conservancy, South Dakota

South Dakota, 2018

Seed Sourcing Strategy to Create Resilient Grasslands

California Wildlife Foundation

Puerto Rico, 2018

Descendants United for Nature, Adaptation, and Sustainability: Learning from extreme events to build and sustain a resilient future

Mississippi Park Connection

Minnesota, 2018

Climate Change Adaptation and Communications in the Mississippi National River and Recreation Area

Audubon Louisiana

Louisiana, 2017

Rebuilding Hurricane-damaged Coastal Marshes with Terraces - an Opportunity for Improved Resilience

National Wildlife Federation

Pennsylvania, 2018

Transforming Vacant Lots into Climate Resilient Pollinator Meadows in Philadelphia

The Nature Conservancy, Oregon

Oregon, 2018

Building Climate Resilience into Sagebrush Habitat with an Innovative Seeding Strategy

Alaska Conservation Foundation

Alaska, 2018

Mitigating disturbance to critical shoreline habitat for marine mammals in the rapidly changing Alaskan

Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana

Louisiana, 2018

Adaptive Living Shoreline for Louisiana

Big Hole Watershed Committee

Montana, 2017

Hold back the snowpack: Increasing the natural water storage capacity of the Big Hole Watershed

Point Blue Conservation Science

California, 2018

Adapting to drought: building genetic resilience to climate change into oak woodland ecosystems

American Forests

Texas, 2018

Using Climate Adaptation Strategies to Secure the Ocelot’s Future

The Nature Conservancy, Palmyra

Palmyra Atoll, 2018

Palmyra Atoll Rainforest and Reef Resilience Project (PARP)

Landsward Foundation

Arizona, 2018

Genetics-based Riparian Habitat Restoration and Climate Adaptation Along the Little Colorado River of Northern Arizona

Friends of the State Botanical Garden of Georgia

Georgia, 2018

Prairie Restoration in the Southeastern Piedmont as a Response to Climate Change

Cascade Forest Conservancy

Washington, 2017

Cascades Beaver Reintroduction and Riparian Restoration Project

Chagrin River Watershed Partners, Inc

Ohio, 2017

Targeted Riparian Forest Adaptation to Protect Coldwater Streams

Audubon Great Lakes

Illinois, 2017

Building climate resiliency in the Calumet Region of Southern Lake Michigan

The Nature Conservancy, Iowa

Iowa, 2017

Restoring Wetlands in Urban and Agricultural Areas to Help Adaptation in the Mississippi River Basin

American Rivers

Washington, 2016

Reconnecting Streams to Floodplains to Enhance Adaptive Capacity of Upper Yakima Ecosystems

Huron River Watershed Council

Michigan, 2016

Building climate resilience in the ecological and human communities of an urban midwestern watershed

Oregon Natural Desert Association

Oregon, 2016

Addressing climate change in the John Day River basin

The Nature Conservancy, Minnesota

Minnesota, 2016

Conifer Strongholds in a Changing Northwoods Landscape: Wildlife Habitat and Resilience

American Forest Foundation

Massachusetts, 2015

Building Climate Adaptation on Private Lands through the MassConn Sustainable Forest Partnership

Ducks Unlimited, South Dakota

South Dakota, 2015

Climate-based habitat restoration in the Prairie Pothole Region

Pinchot Institute for Conservation

Delaware, 2015

Improving Freshwater Resiliency in the Upper Delaware River Basin

Tualatin Riverkeepers

Oregon, 2015

Building a Climate Resilient Landscape in the Tualatin Basin

Rhode Island Natural History Survey

Rhode Island, 2015

Coastal Resilience Through Applied Ecology and Outreach: Aquidneck Island, Rhode Island

The Nature Conservancy, North Carolina

North Carolina, 2014

Pocosin Restoration in the Southeastern Coastal Plain

National Wildlife Federation

Maryland, 2014

Conquest beach living shoreline project

The Wilderness Society

Montana, 2014

From Forests to Faucets: Building Watershed Resilience across the Crown of the Continent through Public-Private Lands Partnerships

The Nature Conservancy, Texas

Texas, 2014

Targeted tree thinning in sky island mesic canyons

American Rivers

California, 2013

Headwater meadow restoration in the West

The Nature Conservancy, South Carolina

South Carolina, 2013

Establishing Living Shorelines in South Carolina

California Invasive Plant Council

California, 2013

Strengthening resiliency in Sierra Nevada meadows

Trout Unlimited

Virginia, 2012

Securing and expanding coldwater refugia for aquatic and terrestrial species

The Trust for Public Land

Maine, 2012

Establishing 18,000 acres of new protected areas using current climate science data

National Wildlife Refuge Association

Florida, 2012

Preserving 50,000 acres of the Florida Everglades to provide wildlife habitat and clean water for 8.3 million people

The Nature Conservancy, Central Appalachians

Tennessee, 2012

Enhancing adaptation and resilience in red spruce ecosystem

Scenic Hudson, Inc

New York, 2011

Protecting and prioritizing freshwater tidal wetland migrations along the Hudson River

The Nature Conservancy, Virginia

Virginia, 2011

Implementing climate change adaptation strategies on Virginia's eastern shore

Center for Large Landscape Conservation

Montana, 2017

Building Climate Resilience in the Blackfeet Nation

The Nature Conservancy, Guam

Guam, 2017

Building Community Resiliency to Climate Change in Manell-Geus Watershed, Guam

Xerces Society, Inc.

California, 2017

Building Climate Change Resilience for the Central Valley's Pollinators


Maryland, 2016

Increasing Resilience of Transitional Tidal Marsh through Hydrological Adjustments

Los Amigos de Valles Caldera

New Mexico, 2016

Restoration of Slope Wetlands from Wildfire on the Valles Caldera National Preserve

Sandy River Basin Watershed Council

Oregon, 2016

Sandy Resiliency and Refugia Project

The Nature Conservancy, New York

New York, 2016

Setting northern NY forests on climate adapted trajectories by improving regeneration & condition.

American Rivers

California, 2015

Room for Rivers: Floodplain Restoration as a Climate Adaptation Tool

Mt. Adams Resource Stewards

Washington, 2015

Mt. Adams Headwaters Restoration and Resiliency Project

Trout Unlimited

New Hampshire, 2015

Building Capacity on the North River: A multi-system approach to improve adaptive capacity of riparian areas and coldwater streams vulnerable to project climate change

The Nature Conservancy, Oregon

Oregon, 2015

Willamette Confluence Floodplain Restoration and Reconnection

Playa Lakes Joint Venture

Great Plains, 2014

Playa Restoration on U.S. Forest Service National Grasslands: A Climate Adaptation Demonstration Project in the Western Great Plains

Methow Salmon Foundation

Washington, 2014

Methow beaver project

The Nature Conservancy, Montana

Montana, 2014

Implementing Headwaters Restoration in Climate Resilient Basins in the Upper Missouri

Lomakatsi Restoration Project

Oregon, 2013

Restoring Oak Resilience at the Table Rocks, Rogue River Basin, Oregon

Sustainable Resources Institute, Inc

Wisconsin, 2014

Climate-Informed Scrub Oak Restoration on the Florence County Forest, Wisconsin

L-A-D Foundation

Indiana, 2013

Enhancing the adaptive capacity of Ozark Woodland

San Diego Zoo, Institute for Conservation Research

California, 2013

Coastal sage scrub ecosystem adaptation

Grand Canyon Trust

Arizona, 2013

Water as a foundation for climate resilience

The Conservation Fund

Maryland, 2012

Improving tidal marshes so these habitats withstand sea level rise and erosion due to a changing climate

The Nature Conservancy, Minnesota

Minnesota, 2012

Restoring harvested forestland using native species likely to withstand a changing climate

Greater Yellowstone Coalition

Montana, 2012

Restoring streams and riparian vegetation to provide climate refuge for species in Southwest Montana

Grand Canyon Trust

Utah, 2011

Restoring beaver to increase water storage in areas hit hardest by drought conditions

Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust

Washington, 2017

Stossel Creek Climate-Adapted Reforestation

The Nature Conservancy, Utah

Utah, 2017

Climate-adaptive biocrust restoration to restore ecosystem function on the Colorado Plateau

Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative

Idaho, 2017

Restoring Climate Resilience for Forested Lowlands in a Priority Linkage Area

Cumberland River Compact

Tennessee, 2016

Adapting to A Changing Climate: A Climate Resilience Project in Mill Creek watershed, Tennessee

Natural Areas Conservancy

New York, 2016

Encouraging robust urban forests through restoration with climate change-adaptive species palettes.

Sky Island Alliance

Arizona, 2016

Supporting Pollinator Adaptation Needs in the Sky Islands

Watershed Restoration Coalition

Montana, 2016

Protecting the future of urban water sources by improving watershed resiliency to climate change

Ducks Unlimited, Illinois

Illinois, 2015

Improving Bottomland Hardwood Forest and Wetland Resiliency to Changing Climate Patterns in the Central Hardwoods Region

Nooksack Salmon Enhancement Association

Washington, 2015

Alluvial Fan Floodplains: Restoration for a Changing Climate

The Nature Conservancy, Maine

Maine, 2015

Enrichment Planting in Maine’s Northern Forest: Returning the Missing Forest Components for Climate Adaptation

Watsonville Wetlands Watch

California, 2015

Working with public and private landowners to restore stream connectivity and reduce water consumption in times of drought

World Wildlife Fund

Texas, 2014

Freshwater Restoration and Climate Adaptation in the Big Bend Region of the Northern Chihuahuan Desert

The Nature Conservancy, Eastern New York

New York, 2014

Neversink river floodplain forest restoration

Sky Island Alliance

Arizona, 2014

Enhancing resilience to catastrophic fire in the Sky Islands

Huron River Watershed Council

Michigan, 2014

Preparing a Great Lakes River System for a Changing Climate

Trout Unlimited

North Carolina, 2013

Southern Appalachian Coldwater Reconnection Project

The Nature Conservancy, New York

New York, 2013

Building Climate Resilience in the Lake Champlain Basin

The Nature Conservancy, California

California, 2013

Restoring the Upper Pajaro Corridor

The Nature Conservancy, Indiana

Indiana, 2013

Increasing ecological resilience in Southern Indiana Forests as adaptation for future Climate

Sky Island Alliance

Arizona, 2012

Enhancing Adaptive Capacity of Wildlife in the Sky Island Region Through Restoration of Critical Springs

The Pacific Forest Trust

California, 2012

Creating new, strategically located protected areas to improve ecosystem functionality and adaptive capacity of forests as climate changes

Conserve Wildlife Foundation of New Jersey

New Jersey, 2012

Constructing upland vernal-pool habitat to manage for sea level rise

The Nature Conservancy, Colorado

Colorado, 2011

Enhancing resilience of wetland habitats to increase the adaptive capacity of Gunnison sage-grouse


Trout Unlimted

Utah, 2011

Upper Bear River reconnect and flow restoration project

Mauna Kea Watershed Alliance

Hawaii, 2011

Creating climate refugia to help native bird species avoid avian malaria

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Your application process really upped my game and made me think more strategically
about how to implement a project like this on a large scale. An outside requirement
really helps to get this done because while we all want to be strategic, we’re all really
busy. I can see the advantage of a conservation NGO managing this fund, as you have the staff capacity and background to offer meaningful, well thought out questions and guidance.
— Scott Black, Executive Director, Xerces Society