Pinchot Institute for conservation

Climate Change Challenge: bigger floods

Grant Award: $177,336; Year Awarded: 2015

This grant will support two stream restoration and riparian forest management demonstration projects that will be coupled with outreach to target audiences to encourage uptake of similar practices in stream corridors across the Upper Delaware Basin. This is an important headwaters region stretching across several counties in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania, but little climate adaptation work has occurred here to date. The goals in the climate adaptation plan that will be demonstrated by this project include: maintain existing riparian buffers, restore degraded riparian buffers, reconnect streams to floodplains, and engage local officials and residents to build support for strategies that will make their communities more resilient to climate change. These demonstration projects will be featured in a comprehensive program of outreach and workshops for local officials, resource managers, and landowners to showcase alternative post-flood response strategies and options for protecting riparian forest functionality to improve the resilience of local streams to climate change impacts. WCS Climate